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“Tom and Erin Vance bring the simple, pure, and honest sounds of Christmas to their collection of seasonal music. Their prairie roots are evident in clean clear harmonies enhanced by a close father- daughter relationship. This CD is a joy for all that know these two multi-talented individuals and it is true pleasure to anyone that listens to it.”
  Greg Staton, Owner
Coldwell Banker Classic Real Estate, Charleston, IL

"The world needs more singers like Tom. He composes songs that touch the heart at any age.”

  Julie Roy, Professional & Business Coach

“Tom is better than John Denver.”

  Bonnie Clark, Newspaper Features Writer
Charleston Times Courier, Mattoon Journal Gazette

“Tom embodies the true spirit of the prairie. He sings wonderful stories with his delightful voice and his gentle charm touches the hearts of children and adults alike.”

  Frances Crawford, Professor Emeritus
University of Illinois School of Music

“Tom makes us all smile.”
Julie, Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center Adult Day Care


"Thank you for an enjoyable evening of music at our Bingo Night fund raiser.  You even had us singing and dancing in the kitchen."

Jean & Ronnie,

Coles County Council On Aging


"Thank you for participating in the fine arts activities recently held at Carl Sandburg Elementary School.  The children are really enjoying the songs you shared with them.  We have rousing renditions during many of our music classes. Your session was mentioned many times as a favorite in the comments the children wrote afterwards."

Lisa O'Dell, Music Teacher

On behalf of the residents of Charleston Brookstone, I want to thank you for the excellent program you presented yesterday.  Everyone enjoyed it so much. I think the folks were ready for a Christmas sing-along. Most had heard Christmas music as passive listeners, but your program gave us a chance to participate.  It was wonderful.

Robert Frame

Charleston Brookstone Apartments

Tom’s Work At Lincoln Log Cabin
State Historic Site

“He’s done an excellent Job. He’s viewed throughout the state as one of the best site managers. Vance’s ability to get other people involved with the site amazes me.”
  Jim Edgar, Former Governor, State of Illinois Charleston Times Courier, December 21, 2002

“He works tirelessly to get the community to support the site. It’s gone from a sleepy little park to a major historic site. [I have] two emotions concerning Vance’s retirement, happy for Vance because he’s earned that opportunity but sad for the tremendous loss for the site.”

  Bob Coomer, Director, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency - Charleston Times Courier, December 21, 2002

“One of the greatest things Tom was able to do was inspire so many people to become involved

  J.W. Oglesby, Executive with the former Reasor Corp. (Retired); past president and emeritus board member of Lincoln Sargent Farm Foundation - Charleston Times Courier, December 21, 2002

“His Vision of taking that site to the full-blown historic site it is today immensely helps our tourism efforts.”

  Cindy Titus, Executive Director, Charleston Chamber of Commerce - Charleston Times Courier, December 21,2002


Firewalk Instructor’s Training in 1994

“A gentle leader who empowers others with his quiet courage, determination and deep wisdom.”
  Rev. Barbara Dahl, Minister, Inner Light Center,
Salt Lake City, Utah

“A peaceful, powerful warrior spirit. Tom’s vision is far reaching and his compassion runs deep. An inspiration to us all.”

  Al Curtice, CMT, San Diego, Calif.

“Tom is absolutely awesome.”

  T. Harv Eker, Best Selling Author,
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”

“A Warrior Spirit.”

  Edwene Gaines, President,
The Masters’ School, Mentone, Alabama

Firewalker, fire handler, this is a powerful warrior.”

  Rev. Elizabeth Miller, Reiki Master,
Lic. Massage Therapist, WPB, Florida

A quiet, dynamic, personable speaker.”


Sherrill Winder, Personnel Assistant
Anchorage, Alaska

Tom is a model of wisdom and strength.”

  Major Robert Lindsay, USAF

A man of purpose and courage.”

  Marcus Sola, Health Care Administrator
Canyon County, CA


“Erin Vance has grown up to become a young woman with a major league voice and the stage presence of a seasoned professional. No matter if the music calls for soft and sweet or loud and brassy, Erin’s voice is a clean, clear controlled instrument that beautifully conveys every element of emotion. This young lady has the talent to make the music come off the page with meaning and pure pleasure for those fortunate enough to hear her.”
  Greg Staton, Owner
Coldwell Banker Classic Real Estate, Charleston, IL

"Many thanks for the copy of your paper on the larvae of the Sericothripini which has to be regarded as a very fine work.  My best congratulation to it."

  Dr. R. zur Strassen, Thysanopterist

Natur-Museum Senckenberg

Frankfort, Germany